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September 27, 2017
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October 15, 2017
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With the expansion of footwear industry, medicated footwear has also been subject to a number of modifications and improvements. We, at Bio Foot Dubai are keeping abreast with the latest Cad-Cam technology when designing our range of products which provide solution to many foot ailments. At the moment we have gained the confidence of a number of people in Dubai and in the region for our excellent market place for purchasing high quality medicated footwear in Dubai.

Insoles are good orthopedic devices for the treatment of deformities and painful foot problems. The typical tasks of the inserts such as relieving, correcting, guiding and supporting the foot. Our inserts are made according to an electronic foot pressure measurement.

This modern usage of Cad-Cam Technology provides accurate detection of the pressure conditions under the foot and analysis of the foot misalignments.

We offer individual insoles for every footwear and different shoe shapes. We also take care of the feet of different athletes and sports clubs of marathon, football, handball, basketball, volleyball etc.
Modern electronic measurement methods for the detection of the pressure conditions under the sole of the foot offer versatile possibilities to analyze and display foot defects more deeply. Today, orthopedic technology uses foot pressure measurement systems from performance optimization and diagnostics in sports for the detection of foot deformities and incorrect loading in the medical field.

We carry out static as well as dynamic foot pressure measurements in order to determine the load condition of your foot. Using a graphical representation Cad-Cam technology provides specific information on where the problem zones lie and this graphic can therefore be added to the future supply.

Cad-Cam technology is the perfect technology used to develop and carry out the different models. It allows to apply all the pattern constructions, as well as size and shape characteristics.

The advantage of using this type of software is that the patterns share common lines when linked, so that automatically if the line is modified, then all associated parts are updated automatically. That is why we use this sophisticated technology to design the best medical footwear in Dubai.

CAD / CAM software can be used to generate machining data for shoe sole models and molds. This technology enables our designers to meet market requirements for a shorter product life cycle, quality improvement and versatile design of models. This particularly helps us to introduce more shoe products and present them earlier than our counterparts.

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