Do You Need Orthopedic Insoles?

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September 14, 2017
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Have you thought of wearing orthopedic insoles? It is considered that they are used to correct bad posture, relieve foot aches, hip pain or back pain. The knowledge regarding the consequences of using them will enable you to decide whether you really need them. At BIOFOOT, we are willing to help you decide if you need orthopedic insoles to improve the comfort of your shoes. We are the pioneer in the medicated shoes in Dubai facilitating a wider circle of customers with our range of products to improve your foot health.

Orthopedic soles to correct bad positions

Let’s say that you are healthy, but you have a job that requires you to stand for a long time. Or you do a sporting activity that is very demanding on your feet, like running. In this case you may have already been advised of orthopedic insoles. These can reduce foot fatigue by correcting inefficient foot positions in the shoe. For example, if you have a slight tendency to lean on a particular area of ​​the foot, orthopedic shoes can help you have correct posture. The unwanted positions lead to a risk of fatigue, but also of foot injury as well as tendonitis. Therefore the soles are mainly used for comfort, but also for prevention of ailments.

How do you know if you need it?

When you walk too much it makes your feet tired causing joint pain in knees and hips. A pair of orthopedic insoles can be a smart solution for this. Or if you notice that your shoes wear excessively, you can prevent this condition by using orthopedic insoles. For example, if one side of the heel is much worn while the other remains in good condition, we suggest that you need to use orthopedic insoles. In general, as soon as the foot hurts, you must realize that it is time for you to go for orthopedic insoles.

Orthopedic soles against foot diseases. But not only

Orthopedic soles may be prescribed for corns and calluses. They do not cure these foot problems, but decrease the pressure on the painful areas. Thus it is again possible to walk without having (too much) harm. The same logic applies to all diseases that can cause pain in the feet such as arthritis or rheumatism.

Orthopedic soles for asymmetric legs

Orthopedic soles also sometimes come to the rescue of our failing anatomy. When, some people have asymmetric legs whereas one is shorter than the other. If the difference in leg length is greater than one centimeter, the pelvis is permanently tilted, causing pain in the hips but also in the back. Orthopedic soles worn under the foot of the shortest leg make it possible to reduce the difference in length and thereby prevent adverse consequences. It is the same for the hollow feet or the flat feet: the soles come to correct the defect to avoid that it does cause pain.

Are you concerned?

Often the asymmetries of the legs are detected early, during schooling. If you get tired quickly when you walk and you often have joint pain, especially at the hips, do not hesitate to consult your doctor for a check-up. With the availability of orthopedic insoles you must feel relaxed as an easy solution is now in store to protect and relive your feet.

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