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Biofoot Dubai-blog

Biofoot Dubai-blog

Medicated shoes are specially made for patients to alleviate their symptoms in certain conditions. Diseases that often require medicated shoes include diabetes and foot deformity. We at Biofoot have a range of medicated shoes which provide effective solutions for your foot ailments. We have the best medicated shoes in Dubai

What are medicated shoes?

medicated shoes are medical shoes that a trained orthopedic shoe technician customizes for a patient. They help stabilize and improve the gait in severe foot or leg malposition and reduce pain. They also prevent stress, which in turn can lead to complications. medicated shoes are always used when custom shoe inserts or technical adjustments to ordinary shoes are no longer sufficient to relieve discomfort.

medicated shoes are available as normal as everyday shoes, sports or bathing shoes and as slippers. For professional use, medicated safety shoes are also manufactured. Medicated shoes relieve pressure and enables a natural rolling motion. They are also quite effective in stabilizing foot bed and reducing pain when walking.

Many diseases or foot features may necessitate the wearing of medicated shoes.  We are encouraging you to wear our medicated shoes when you have foot deformities such as flat foot, hollow foot or club foot. This is a great solace for diabetic foot syndrome can also be treated successfully with Biofoot products; the best range of medicated shoes in Dubai. They also alleviate the paralyzes in the leg area, Rheumatic diseases in the foot and joint instability.

After the doctor has prescribed medicated shoes, the patient has his foot measured by an orthopedic shoe technician. The technician not only records the contours of both feet, but also creates a pressure profile of the sole of the foot with digital measuring devices. This allows him to see where the feet are exposed to special stress. In addition, he checks the gait pattern and misses the leg axes and possible differences in leg lengths.

Based on this information, the medicated shoes are tailored to the needs of the patient. Computer-supported then a wooden slat – an image of the foot – milled, with which finally a test shoe made of plastic, in order to ensure fit and comfort. If the test shoe fits, the medicated shoe technician makes the actual orthopedic shoes by hand.

With the invention of medicated shoes, wearing footwear has had a shift from being a fashion to a necessity. Nowadays, not only diabetic patients, but also sportsmen and career people use medicated shoes to improve the comfort of their feet and feel healthy and happy. We at Biofoot are always committed to bring this comfort to your feet with the best array of medicated shoes in Dubai.

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