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medicated shoes in dubai
How Medicated Shoes Have Become Both Functional And Aesthetic In Modern Times
December 21, 2017
medicated shoes in dubai
Buying Orthopedic Shoes In Dubai
December 26, 2017
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Valino 2


We ladies out there know how essential our heels are to us. Not only do we have an extravagant collection at home, but we spend hundreds of dirham a year on newer and trendier stilettos to keep up with the fast evolving fashion trends in Europe and Hollywood. Even though most of us complain that heels are the most perfect or comfortable choice of footwear when it comes to a long and busy office day, most of continue to wear them, because we want to go that extra mile to perfect our look, and to wear shoes that compliment the rest of the attire.

With the regular use of heels, we have not realized the amount of strain we cause our feet throughout the day, for almost 8 to 10 hours on a daily basis and while doctors go on to emphasize as to why heels, especially ones those exceed the 3 inch height bear more risk of causing ankle injuries, most of us still cannot go by, without these.

Have you ever thought of resorting to more comfortable and custom made designs when it comes to heels? Or office footwear? Ones you could wear when you go out and still feel confident in them? Medicated shoes have not only become one of the most talked about novel experience in the footwear industry but has also been one of THE go-to- choices of many, as most of us are now getting busier at our work places and prefer to be at ease to help us to get through a rushed and thorny day.

Orthopedic shoes in Dubai are customizable to suit your needs. May it be sandals you need to go out to the beach-side, as you have to put in extra effort when you walk along the shore, which is likely to cause additional strain on the foot, or even professional footwear that you could wear to work, to minimize the tension and stress caused to the feet.

Even if you’re not looking for shoes to be worn to work, but for slippers and sandals to wear at home, there are orthotic medicated shoes which are produced specifically to facilitate long wear and regular use, and you could even opt for shoes that help you to correct any misalignments or deformities in your feet, if you face any such conditions. Straps could be added to increase stability, and features such as buckles and a heel belt could also be incorporated to add a better sense of security for the sole of the foot.

Medicated shoes are also ideal for you, if you’re looking to prolong your working hours or have business meetings to attend where you will be standing while presenting an elaborate presentation that you have spent hours putting together. So why not give it a shot?

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