Podiatrists In Dubai: A Guide To Orthopedic Shoes

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Buying Orthopedic Shoes In Dubai
December 26, 2017


Many of us deal with various foot injuries and aches and strains on a daily basis. Most of the time, however none of us really stop and take some time to actually analyze our injury or actual go visit a doctor and get our injury some medical attention. We go on with our usual course of self-care and end up worsening the situation which will then in turn need an even more elaborate procedure of care to remedy the whole condition.

Podiatrists in Dubai are now at the pinnacle of foot care and are well experienced and knowledgeable in order to handle almost any type of injury or foot deformity you may have. Even though they would always recommend you to go for a more permanent solution when it comes to abnormalities or injuries, by undergoing a surgery, most doctors will recommend the use of orthopedic shoes before actually deciding to go into surgery.

The benefits of using medicated shoes are bountiful and it is surely the first step to the healing process.

1. They’re definitely cost-effective in comparison to podiatric surgery. It is an elongated process, which will take much longer time for you to see results as opposed to getting surgery which will give you results within a week or two. However if you’re are tight on the budget and want to try something which is less invasive of your body, medicated shoes are a great place to start.

2. These shoes will increase your ability to perform more tasks and errands within a day than when you’re wearing regular shoes as medicated shoes are more comfortable and could be customized to suit your needs, and your medical condition. If you’re a patient with diabetes, your podiatrist will provide you with a prescription that will allow you to pick out a shoe perfect for your feet. You will be able to walk freely and not have to deal with coming home to sore feet.

3. Most foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, flat feet and heel spurs can be remedied through the use of medicated shoes, without having to go for surgeries. There are shoes designed especially for these conditions. Even for those of you who face join pains in the foot regions, there are shoes with special devices inbuilt into them to help you cope with the pain and to move more freely.

Doctors also recommend the use of medicated shoes as they increase the blood flow to the feet as opposed to tight and uncomfortable footwear, which not only make mobility a challenge but also slow you down and make you reluctant from engaging in your regular activity efficiently. With the increase in podiatric equipment such as the podiatric chair, foot surgeries have also become a not so difficult task and a common treatment than most patients undergo. So why wait?

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