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July 15, 2018

From GERMANY directly, BIOFOOT  brings you state-of-art orthotic insoles to match all your needs for best support for your feet and of legs as well.

Our high quality insoles will help to support your feet properly for your daily activities, help to ease your aches and discomfort, and also can play a significant role in injury protection.

A wide range of Ready-Made insoles are always available in addition to even wider range of Custom-Made insoles for for all ages using different scientifically proven manufacturing methods.

BIOFOOT will take you to totally new experience in having orthotic insoles through the FREE regular follow up tests. The high quality dynamic digital test will be done according a specific plan “depends the insoles type”, keep comparing the foot results within the time and also keep modifying the insoles accordingly.

In this way, your insoles will be developed as your feet might develop, maintained and refurbished and all that  with NO CHARGE*

What better experience and money value could be more?

* Terms and condemnations apply

2019 Custom Made Orthotics Side By Side 12.04.22

2019 Custom Made Orthotics – Adults

2019 Custom Made Orthotics Side By Side2

2019 Custom Made Orthotics – Kids

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