What Types of Shoes are Bad for Your Health?

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One thing is certain that shoes, especially for women, are beautiful! But that does not mean that they cannot be harmful. Getting trendy can sometimes be painful and all women know that. But, there is no need to suffer due to improper use of a shoe.

A recent study by the New York Orthopedics Association has shown that the worst shoes for women are the very high and thin heels (known as “needle heels”).

This is because the weight of the body falls on the metatarsus, where the fingers are located, exerting a great pressure at this point. The knees and waist lean forward and affect the overall balance of the body, compromising the health of the legs and back.

Frequently wearing this type of shoe damages from the ankles to the lower back. In the case of platform shoes, which are so fashionable, there are also problems, even if a lot of people think that body weight will be balanced throughout the foot, this is not the reality.

Just like the needle jumps, the pressure is still exerted on the toes, even if a thicker shoe actually protects the feet, spine, etc. a little more. Platform shoes can also cause calluses, bunions, ankle and back pain.

High-heeled boots may be a bit safer, but you also need to be careful about them. The study we mentioned earlier in the article also indicated that 25% of our body’s weight falls on the fingers as we increase the size of the jump. This means that the higher the shoe, the greater the damage.

Sandals, which are so used for their versatility, can also pose risks if they are too low, with no jumping, which does not provide adequate footing, making it work twice as hard. Because of this, its inappropriate use can lead to inflammations, back and heel pain and even fractures.

Lastly, tennis, often used for sports or hiking. This is what offers the best foot support. However, its frequent use can cause fungi, especially if we do not use cotton socks.

Statistics show that women suffer four times more from foot problems than men, and this is closely associated with the type of footwear they use, with emphasis on high heels.

When we support bare feet on the floor, the front (metatarsus) supports 43% of the weight in each step we give and the rest (57%) is absorbed in the heel.

If the heel of the shoe is 4 cm high, this percentage reverses. When the jump is 6 cm, the greatest pressure is exerted on the fingers (usually 75%) and when it is greater than 10 cm, 90% of the weight falls on the metatarsal.

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